smallI am a medical journalist with experience in telling sometimes difficult stories and turning complex science into clear messages for any audience.

I have a specialist interest in a wide range of issues and subjects. These include: patient safety, mental illness, women’s health, choices in childbirth, ageing including HRT and Alzheimer’s disease; cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing, gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, arrhythmia, arthritis, cancer diagnosis and treatment options, death and dying including assisted dying.

I write regularly for national newspapers, magazines and medical press – and over the years have gained experience in contributing to a diverse range of publications from the FT to Bella. Google my name for examples of my work.

My books include: Living with Gluten Intolerance (Sheldon, 2009), Everything a Girl Needs to Know about Her Periods (Ronnie Sellers Productions, 2003) and Surviving the Baby Blues (Ward Lock, 1997).

I provide educational and PR copywriting for diverse organisations including: Readers Digest, Dorling Kindersley, E Learning for Health, Arthritis Research UK, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Healthtalkonline (DIPEx) and the NHS Service and Delivery Organisation.

I have produced health-related radio programmes for Radio 4 including Metaphor For Healing (October 2009) and To Err is Human ( May 2009). I have also worked as a TV researcher.

I write about Argentine tango for magazines including Tangodanza and DanceToday.

In 2004, I told a joke live on Richard and Judy and made Richard laugh.

Awards and commendations:
2012: MJA Winter Awards – Highly Commended
2009: Guild of Health Writers Awards: Best Newspaper Feature and Best Freelance Feature
2008: Pfizer/British Oncological Association Awards – Best Freelance
2007: MJA Best Freelance
2007:Guild of Health Writers Best Overall Freelance
2006: Patients Association – Highly Commended

To discuss commissions and fees or make any comments, please contact me by email or phone (please ignore ‘reply’ box below).
Tel: 07949726527

‘Without your patience and thoughtful writing, my story wouldn’t have got out to a mass audience in the first place,’ 
- Martin Bromiley, founder of Clinical Human Factors Group

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